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Large mother hemp strains available. Excellent producers. High CBD Low THC genetics

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Why We Grow Quality Hemp Plants 



Our Hemp crops were breed with the purest genetics available to produce high values of CBD with large yields of flower per plant. CBD is highly sought after for teh physical and psychological benefits and is currently being reported to have tremdous effects on the wellbeing.

Growing for Society

CBD extraction is only 1 of dozens of current needs for hemp. This industry is expected to grow 700% by 2020. Research surfaces daily of the new uses suppoted by and agriculture of hemp farms. Hemp is being for purposes such as textiles, products, materials, and medicine.

What We Do

Support growers alike with premium CBD hemp clones & mother plants to nourish and flourish in your crops. We will continue to adapt to the uses and needs that are met by hemp. We look forward to share the fastest way possible to harvest your CBD rich crop.

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Remedy Farms is comprised of people that believe in working towards a better, cleaner, and more renewable source in health & textiles 

Hemp will save our forests, become a renewable energy source, replace plastics, enhance a wide range of products, and bring pain relief to millions of suffering individuals.