5 Benefits Of Clone-Grown Hemp

If you’re looking to buy hemp in Colorado, you have a lot of choices. Can you be sure of what you’re getting and whether the parent plant is healthy and has the profile you’re looking for? Should you buy hemp seeds, or should you purchase clone-grown hemp?

What Is Cloning?

Cloning is a way of propagating plants asexually. Instead of growing a new plant from seed, the new plant is grown from a piece of the parent plant. You can be exactly sure of what you’re getting because the new plant is identical in every way to the parent plant.

5 Benefits Of Clone-Grown Hemp

1. You Keep The Character of a Plant

If you know of a particular strain of hemp that you love, one that has exactly the right chemical profile and compounds for your needs, clone grown hemp is the way to be sure everything you grow will have that same profile. When the balance of omega fats, compounds, and proteins needs to be just right, clone-grown is safest.

2. There Are No Wild Cards

When you grow from seeds, you have no idea what you might end up with. When you buy hemp in Colorado from clone-grown sources, you can be absolutely sure of the proven genetics you’re investing in. Your clone-grown plants will be the same variety, the same genetic characteristics, and even the same sex as the parent plant.

3. Cloned Plants Grow Faster

When you’re growing a plant from seed, you’ll need to wait for it to sprout, take root, and then grow large enough to be harvested. You can cut out much of this waiting period by buying clone-grown hemp. Without the germination time, you can be using your hemp much more quickly.

4. You Are in Control

There’s more to a plant than just its precise chemical and nutrient profile. There is also potency, growth rate, resistance to pests, and growth reliability. Your situation is unique, and when you identify a plant that has the perfect combination for your growing situation and your nutrient needs, you want to be sure you’re getting precisely that same plant every time.

5. Clones Are Larger

Clones provide a larger plant, so though the cost per plant is higher, you save money in the long run. With clones, depending on the equipment you use, and where you’re growing, you can expect a balanced plant of at least 6 inches from 1 to 2 inches of soil volume. To get anything like that volume from seeds, you would need to plant earlier and wait longer.

Buy Hemp In Colorado

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