5 Top Benefits Of CBD Isolate

The CBD revolution is well underway. Seekers and scientists have long sought the panacea, the mythical medicine that can cure all ills. CBD may not solve every imaginable problem, but it certainly acts as a utility knife that can solve a long list of physical and mental woes. But have you heard of the myriad benefits associated with CBD isolate?

CBD Takes the Market by Storm

The majority of Americans have tried cannabis, and a growing portion of those who have never touched THC are turning to CBD. Many people find relief from the CBD that comes naturally in their cannabis, but others cannot risk being high when they need the other benefits associated with the herb, such as its analgesic effect.

The elderly have especially taken a liking to CBD, although it has benefited people at all stages of their development. Much of the reason for this is that they can relieve their pain effectively and naturally without getting intoxicated.

Today, many strains of cannabis are selectively bred for their high CBD levels and their relatively low THC content. This plant matter can be dried and smoked for its effects, or it may be further processed into a more refined product. That is where CBD isolate comes into the picture.

What Exactly Is CBD Isolate?

Isolate is an aptly named product. “CBD” refers to cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid that occurs naturally in all three major marijuana plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and even the lesser-known Cannabis ruderalis.

An “isolate” is very much what it sounds like. Just as an isolated person is separate from others, a chemical isolate is refined away from the other compounds that it may have been found alongside. Specifically, for our purposes, CBD isolate contains CBD and has been isolated from THC.

This isolate is also isolated from the plant matter that contains the smell and taste of the cannabis plant. Let's take a look at how this is achieved.

The Refining Process

Since the point of CBD is that it does not contain the other cannabinoids associated with cannabis, usually, the first step in making isolate is to receive a high-CBD, low-THC cannabis plant. It helps if the company producing the isolate is also the one that provides its own plants. Remedy Farms in Colorado is proud to do just this.

Remedy Farms purveys the highest quality clones of CBD cannabis, including: T1, Cats Meow, Berry Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Wine, El Jefe, The Wife, and the perennially popular Magic Bullet.

The Right Cannabis Plants

Once the high-CBD cannabis plant has reached maturity, the next step is to create a botanical concentrate. This concentrate is essentially composed of the plant matter from the cannabis plant and fatty acids. Anyone who has made their own home-crafted herbal infusions or sun tea is probably comfortable getting the cannabis to this step.

The Botanical Concentrate Gets Refined Into Hemp Oil

Refining the oil is a bit trickier. Many companies use proprietary processes that prevent others from imitating them. Through this purification process, the plant matter is separated from the CBD, which is the prize. The fatty acids and the CBD bind to each other, creating a product called hemp oil.

The hemp oil is then winterized. This means that its temperature is reduced so that more impurities can be removed from the hemp oil. Waxes and other unwanted compounds are separated from the hemp oil, leaving you with 99% pure CBD.

The Last Step for the Highest Quality Product

Remedy Farms takes its product seriously. They know they are one of the only hopes for people suffering from chronic pain, cancer-related malaise, and certain forms of epilepsy. That is why Remedy Farms' isolate is sent to a third party for testing.

The lab tests their product to know its exact concentration of CBD so that there is scientific certainty of the purity of the isolate. These tests also screen out the presence of mold, fungus, mildew, toxins, toxic heavy metals, and many other types of contamination. These tests ensure that the product is sent out without any worrying chemical hangers-on.

The Final Product

So what do you end up with after growing the plant, harvesting it, blending it into fatty acids, and then refining it to its base essence of CBD? You get a white, crystalline powder. This surprises many people when they first see isolate, since it can superficially resemble less legal substances.

That the product ends up as a pile of salt-like crystals speaks to just how much refining the cannabis undergoes in order to be sold. The crystals themselves are so pure they are not even white. They just appear so when they are in a group. The isolate appears this way because light gets reflected and refracted through each of the tiny, pure crystals. This is very similar to how a car's windshield looks clear when it is intact but white when in a shattered pile.

The 5 Top Benefits of CBD Isolate

Now that we have explored the basics of what isolate is and how it comes about, let us discuss why so many people are reaching for CBD today. We will consider both why the isolate is great in and of itself and why it outshines other refined cannabis products.

1. Odorlessness and Tastelessness

Tastelessness might sound like a negative if you're a food or beverage. However, many people find the taste of cannabis objectionable. Others dislike being associated with the smell of cannabis, especially when they are consuming CBD, and so they do not want to give off the impression that they are high.

Since isolate is so refined, it contains no smell, and it produces no taste. Part of this feature is obvious when it comes to why more and more people seek isolate over other refined cannabis products, but there are less obvious benefits, too.

For one, since there is no taste, the company can ignore the flavor profile of the cannabis plants they are growing. Tastier and better smelling cannabis clones sell for more, so an isolate-focused company can buy less expensive plants without sacrificing the potency or quality of their product.

2. Exacting and Accurate: Know Your Exact DoseSince isolate is all but 100% CBD, a milligram of the isolate is just about equal to a milligram of CBD. This makes dosing a breeze. A kitchen scale can greatly help in this regard.

Many CBD users also purchase 10 mg scoops. These tiny objects are inexpensive and help you get a highly tailored dose that is consistent every time. Hitting just the right amount of CBD will help you feel your best without breaking the bank.

3. Isolate Makes Great Baked Goods

As cannabis and its derived products grow in popularity, so does cooking with CBD. Many people are familiar with the “space cakes” and “special brownies” that THC users often whip up, but today CBD baking is on the rise.

CBD isolate can easily be thrown into your next batch of cookies. It can easily mix into the icing of your cake or the broth of your soup. Scones and English muffins are particularly lovely dishes to add your isolate to.

One of the best features of baking with isolate is that it will not alter the taste of your end product. There is no need to sacrifice flavor so that you can eat the benefits of CBD. Nobody really likes those special baked goods that taste too much like the way a music festival smells.

4. Quick and Effective Relief From Pain

Overcoming pain is one of the chief reasons that people use CBD. Some people seek CBD for chronic pain, whereas others keep it nearby as a remedy for unexpected injuries. One great feature of isolate is that it works even faster than other forms of CBD.

Being so refined, CBD isolate gives nothing else to your body that it would need to process. That way, your body can get to work, placing the appropriate CBD in the right cannabinoid receptors.

Pain is a tricky burden. You never really know when it may arise, even if you have chronically recurring discomfort. Some days just hurt more than others. Luckily, isolate can be cheaply obtained and readily consumed.

5. Great for Vaping and Dabbing

Much of the benefit of isolate over other cannabis products is how discreet it can be. However, it is just as comfortable participating in the latest, conspicuous cannabis trends. Isolate can easily be vaporized and dabbed.

In fact, vaping and dabbing isolate are some of the quickest ways to get the chemical into your system, assuming your rig is already set up. Isolate has a vaporization point of around 180-200 degrees Celsius. Most home and handheld vaporizers will easily be able to achieve this, turning your white powder into a vapor you can inhale.

Final Thoughts on Isolate

If any of these benefits have struck a chord with you, go over to Remedy Farms and browse our selection of top quality products. You will not find higher quality CBD isolate anywhere.