DIY CBD Oil In Three Easy Steps

During these uncertain times, if you don’t have access to purchasing CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures from the store, you can still buy CBD isolate powder to create what you need at home. Remedy Farms has fast nationwide shipping with pure powdered CBD isolate sourced from our Colorado Hemp Farm.

CBD isolate is a clean, potent powder that is simple to use to create your CBD oil. CBD contains ample therapeutic properties. Its tasteless, odorless character makes it an appealing option for ingestion and topical applications. Many people find it easiest to put a smidgen under their tongue and adsorb the cannabidiol sublingually. Today I am going to tell you how easy it is to create your own pure & potent DIY CBD Oil.

Doses are easy to measure as 1 gram of the isolate is equal to 1000 mg of CBD.


Combine CBD isolate with your choice of infusion oil to create the product that you need.

Looking for a light, odorless massage oil? Sweet Almond oil is a great choice because it is high in Vitamin E and can help neutralize acne.

Are you going to take your CBD under your tongue ( highly recommended!) Use a brain fueling MCT Oil as you carrier oil.

Want to add a little CBD to you dinner? How about Extra Virgin Olive Oil ? For a easy addition of cannabidiol to your meals.


Prepare your CBD isolate powder by measuring it out and placing it on a digital scale to ensure accuracy before setting it aside. Don’t own a digital scale? No worries! Remember that 1 gram of the isolate is equal to 1000 mg of CBD.

Place your desired infusion oil in a sterilized beaker or similar measuring device. Base the amount used on how long you want your product to last, and desired potency. Add the organically grown CBD isolate to your carrier oil while stirring vigorously. The powder will suspend within the oil, noticeably visible.


The hardest part of your creation is waiting for it to infuse. This process can take anywhere from two to twenty-four hours. Periodically check to ensure that the CBD isolate is infusing with the base oil. Stir every couple of hours will speed up your process. If large powder crystals form, break the crystals up via stirring. When the powder takes on the characteristics of the oil, your CBD infusion is ready to use!

Utilizing CBD isolate to create your balms, salves, lotions, and bath bombs allows you to tailor-make your product. The process is easy, and the powder is available. At Remedy Farms, we believe strongly in the

healing powers of CBD. We use expertise in the care of our hemp plants, and we provide excellence and purity in all our products.

If you have any questions or would like to order from us, please email us at or call us at (719) 330-0984.


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