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Colorado Hemp Clones & Mothers for Sale

Mother Plants

Hemp plants come from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. When talking about breeding, “mother stock” typically refers to a highly valued plant that growers take clippings from to create clones, which are genetically identical cuts that can be re-planted to grow another plant. Mother plants grow in a continual vegetative stage as clones are repeatedly clipped from her. Taking clones guarantees that all the plants in your garden will grow at generally the same rate, produce a similar quality product, and grow with the same vigor as the mother they came from. Our mothers are sold in a variety of sizes and prices. Ranging anywhere from 1-10 gallon pot sizes. 9 CBD Hemp Strains Currently Available!

Rooted Clones

Our available selection of premium hemp clones. Each hemp plant is well rooted in one inch cubes and ready to be transplanted for growth at time of purchase. One of the main reasons some people will choose to use hemp clones is that they can replicate their most vigorous, high yielding crops over and over again. All clones we provide are healthy and female. We sell the clones by trays of 72 plants.

The Best CBD Strains


Highly Aromic

Cherry hemp variety boasts an unusually strong terpene & cannabinoid profile. Indica dominant strain. Highly sought after for fruity extraction properties.

Cherry Wine

Ol' Faithful

Cherry Wine strain is a proprietary cross of Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, two high-CBD strains. Strong aroma of sweet cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper.

Berry Blossom

Bouquet Blend

A highly floral aroma, with sweet berry undertones. Berry Blossom tests typically 13%-15% CBD and produces gorgeous large dense pink buds. Definitely a boutique flower must have.

El Jefe

Desert Lover

Originates in New Mexico, El Jefe strain is a heavy yeilder and sturdy medium sized plant. Fairs well in dry climate and resistent to mold and pest. High CBD low THC hemp cultivator.

Trump T1

Big & Beautiful

Stable hybrid, Trump is a truly unique blend. High yields, thick buds & grows quite large. T1 is excellent for use in botanical extraction applications.


The Powerhouse

The Wife cultivator is a notoriously powerful CBD producer. With typical ratio of 20:1 CBD to THC Large hemp plants with large yields.

Cats Meow

Colorado Cultivator

Hearty, yet very floral producer. Does great outdoors, medium build, frost ans pest resistent. 10-14% CBD Stable culivator and fairs very well in dry climates.

Magic Bullet


Magic Bullet is a very hardy CBD strain. They are quite resilient to most pests and mildews. Solid strain and stable. Medium yielder. Flowers have an amazing aroma lemon & melons.

Cherry Blossom

Sweet & Strong

Extremely floral aroma smothered in exotic overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries. Boutique Blend with dependable CBD yield of 13% cannabidiol and federally complaint .3% THC

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